Who am I?

I’m experienced PHP/MySQL developer with many projects behind me.

Everything begins back in 2003, when I first started learning web design. I was amazed what I can do with some HTML and JavaScript… so I started to do. I did many web pages, just because it was fun, for no money, for nobody.

Then I bought a book… “Java 2”. It’s a nice book :P It was the book that threw me in the programming world. Java was a good starting point. Although currently I’m not very good at Java, it was the foundations to other languages, which I use every day, and I’m damn good! And these languages are PHP and JavaScript.

PHP is great! I use it everywhere…

They I grew, not too old, but old enough to think about money. I did many sites, trying to make money and I found that it’s not that easy. I can make a site, that’s for sure. But I can’t advertise it… lol.

And here I am now, a freelancer. I had enough experience with this stuff to start doing it professionally.

I became so good at PHP, that I was able to switch to C++ for no time and to pass the exams of Plovdiv University. I know, it’s not Harvard, but I don’t want Harvard anyway :P


Personal details

Name: Asen Sotirov
Address: Just use the contact form
Phone Number:
Date of birth: Oct 30, 1988
Place of birth: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Nationality: Bulgarian
Driving licence: Yes, Bulgarian, EU


2011 – 2012 Masters Degree, Faculty of Matemathics and Informatics, Plovdiv University
2007 – 2011 Faculty of Matemathics and Informatics, Plovdiv University
2002 – 2007 High Profile School of Tourism Prof. Asen Zlatarov, Plovdiv

Work experience

I work mostly as a freelancer. I have some projects I do for myself. Anyway, most of my projects are not public. All you can see in the web is few feedbacks here: http://www.getafreelancer.com/users/223871.html

Computer and language skills

Languages: English – very good
Bulgarian – even better
Russian – not even close to good
Computer skills:
  • PHP – I’m very good at it, and even better than that.
  • MySQL – I’m as good as with PHP.
  • JavaScript – Again I’m very good with JavaScript. But I don’t use it very often. I guess that’s because I do more php projects.
  • HTML/xHTML – I’m good with HTML, of course. But I don’t like spending 4 hours doing the xHTML. So I usually do the pages with HTML 4.01 and table layout. I can change if necessary.
  • CSS – I’m good at it, and I use it all the time.
  • C++ – I can do some stuff, but for now I don’t do projects in C++. I just want to be good enough if I’ll take money for doing it.
  • Java – I’ve done few moderate projects in java.
  • C# – not my best choice but I can handle C# application development.

I don’t do designs. I’m very bad designer. I use Photoshop only to cut the PSD files when converting them to HTML/CSS. So if you want me to make your design, you won’t be happy with it.

Activities / Interests

Most of my interests are in software development. I find astronomy for interesting and also some other stuff, unrelated to this text.